Weekend box office 09/17/2010-09/19/2010




  The Town



  $ 23,800,000



  Warner Bros.



 I really want to see this film. Somehow this one reminds me of “Point Break“. Maybe it’s just the costumes of bank robbers? Anyway this is a hit for Ben Afflect, who made a smart move of directing his own movie and casting himself in the lead. Blake Lively from “Gossip Girl” is also interesting, as well as great Jon Hamm from “Mad Men“.


 Easy A







Emma Stone starrer. New teen movie queen is born.













Read my review below. Lowest box office for a movie associated with Mr M. Night S.






  Resident Evil: Afterlife










So far running below other  3 movies in the series  in attendance, but huge overseas.






  Alpha and Omega







Lionsgate is not know for great cartoon movies. A flop. Was mostly attended by moms and their daughters. Will be on DVD soon. 
















Doing OK. I have no interest in seeing the movie with this cast. Yawn…






  The American










Great movie. Another semi-flop for George Clooney. Too bad. This one will probably do OK overseas. Someone called this film “a foreign movie with George Clooney”. Wish this film was a bigger box office success here.












  Warner Bros.

Huge hit. No more comments.






  The Other Guys










Mark Wahlberg in a comedy. Smart choice after many disappointments at the box office, including “Max Payne“, which incidentally was a great sci-fi movie.




  Eat Pray Love










Saw this one with my wife. Preachy semi-fun travelogue. Julia Robert did not look too good, but a semi-hit for her resume.














You will forget this film was ever made in about 2 weeks. Will do OK on DVD.


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